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Article about orthodontic technology for a customer newsletter

June 2015

At Sawrie Orthodontics, we are committed to exceeding expectations and offering the best care to our patients, and this includes taking advantage of cutting-edge technology. With Insignia Advanced Smile Design products, we are better able to produce accurate previews of anticipated outcomes, as well as shorter and less painful treatment. This comprehensive orthodontic system marries the best in orthodontic and engineering technology with all of the experience and expertise of our team to bring our patients the best in orthodontic medicine.

Insignia Advanced Smile Design allows for detailed customization and preview of accurate outcome, and works with Damon system, Inspire ICE and Orthos stock or Insignia SL custom passive self-ligating appliances. In place of traditional clay model-based planning, Insignia utilizes photos and x-rays to create a 3D image that can be adjusted and fine-tuned in real time using our orthodontic mastery. This combination of high-tech modeling and our professional experience generates a tailor-made prescription for treatment that will reshape the jaw and dentition according to the patient’s specific facial proportions. Insignia Advanced Smile Design allows us to order custom-milled brackets and arch wires to produce the ideal occlusions for each patient, taking into account hundreds of data points generated by the modeling software.

Additionally, treatment time can be shortened up to 37% and patients may require up to seven fewer appointments.

Insignia Advanced Smile Design software presents the opportunity for more precise results and expectations, and Insignia brackets tend to be smaller and more comfortable than traditional braces. Additionally, treatment time can be shortened up to 37% and patients may require up to seven fewer appointments. With Insignia Advanced Smile Design systems, the modeling software helps us create bespoke wires and brackets that come in color-coded jigs. These jigs are placed on the teeth like puzzle pieces that can be rapidly and exactly implemented, shortening application time. Able to be light-cured from any direction, the ease of placement reduces stress on patients as well as treatment time. If desired, Insignia software can also be used with clear braces for those with aesthetic concerns.

For patients, the shortened treatment period is an undeniable advantage. Fewer appointments make the process easier for busy parents and teens, and the streamlined approach and advanced treatment planning provide patients with more accurate results and a less painful experience overall.

Although the Approve software in combination with Insignia SL appliances affords the highest level of personalized care, the software can be used in conjunction with other systems as mentioned above. The program allows us to fine-tune treatment with unprecedented precision, providing patients with the most ideal outcomes possible.